SDC has developed an unique and outstanding tool to determine the capabilities of crane operation of ships.

Key features are
  • Analysis of stability in protected harbor and rough offshore environment based on full 3D ship model
  • In accordance with latest statutory and class rules for crane operations
  • Determination of vessels principle capability of crane operation
  • Investigation of best choice of crane arrangement for any task
  • Optimization of layout of ballast water tank arrangement
  • Full consideration of load diagram of the crane
  • Investigations available in early design stages and for conversions of existing vessels
  • Detailed analysis of standard and individually defined loading and unloading sequences available
  • Single crane and tandem operation including lifting beam possible
  • Knuckle crane calculation available
  • Each step of a loading sequence is investigated in detail with a documentation ready for class approval
  • Capability plots showing the maximum and minimum outreach for an arbitrary load at all angles in a polar diagram