Our philosophy is based on the fact that:

80% of building costs are defined during the first
20% of project time, costing less than
2% of vessels price.

Thus, most benefit can be made within the first phase of a design!

A little bit more time and money during the design phase saves lots of time and money during workshop design and building phase.

An early involvement of all parties (designer, owner/charterer, Flag State, class) will avoid misunderstandings and will support the final success.

SDC provides:

A step by step design, integrating all aspects from the very beginning:
  • Close contact to the owner to define the requirements
  • Close contact to the yard to take specific requirements into account
  • Early implementation of Class / Flag State
  • External specialists for details
The result is a:
  • Shipdesign, which is complete in itself
  • Concept for steel, machinery, electric, outfitting etc. which fit to each other
  • Design which needs no conceptual changes during the detailed design and building phase

Purpose made ships are the best answer in rough economical waters